Latin Trip to Pompeii

Senior School Trips

Over the half term break Mr Graves took a group of Form 4 and 5 boys to Pompeii. They arrived to see the Bay of Naples and incredible views of Mount Vesuvius. They had an action-packed week, startin off with Mr Graves giving expert tours in the glorious sunshine on the history of Pompeii.

On the next day students climbed Mount Vesuvius for more incredible views from the top, and a few more history lessons! They also visited Herculaneum, an ancient roman town destroyed in AD 79 by Mt Vesuvius, before spending a day in Naples. This included a trip to the National Archaeological Museum and underground to the hidden city below Naples.

The final day was spent in Sorento looking at street art for the annual photography competition before heading back home.

Thank you to the staff for organising such a brilliant trip, in weather much better than back home!

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