Taster lessons for Prep 6 and Form 5

After School/EECA Outings/Workshops

Prep 6 had taster lessons in French, Spanish and Latin in the Senior School as part of Tuesday's EECA Day. This gave students the opportunity to see what life will be like in a year's time, making the transition easier.

Form 5 also had taster lessons in A Level business studies, giving them an opportunity to experience a different learning style and what they could be studying next year. This was part of a series of taster activities, such as a talk on facing adversity and making decisions in life, ultimately preparing them for the step up to Sixth Form and beyond.

Other activities that happened as part of this October's EECA Day included an introduction to the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, a retreat for Lower 6th students, and our artist in residence Susan Dean gave workshops to Form 3 on expressive drawing. They also tried their hand at Manga.

Our EECA programme develops the skills needed for the boys to excel in life, providing a wide variety of opportunities for them.

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