Sports Day 2019 Results!

Senior School Sports

It was another brilliant Sports Day, with 3 new school records and many notable performances!

The results are as follows:
1st McClancy
2nd Charles
3rd Guertin
4th Stanislaus
5th Martin
6th Joseph

Form 1 Charles
Form 2 Guertin
Form 3 McClancy
Form 4 Charles 

There were 3 sports day records set:
Form 2 1500m - A. McDonald (4:47.7)
Form 2 100m - J. Baker (12.3)
Form 4 Long Jump - O. Asielue (5.67)

Congratulations to the overall winners McClancy House! Thank you to all staff and supporters, and most importantly to the boys for all their hard work and their brilliant display of house spirit. 


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