Form 1 Explore World-Famous Roman Ruin

Senior School After School/EECA

The May EECA day provided the Form 1 Latin students with a unique opportunity to explore a world-famous Roman ruin – the site of Fishbourne Palace, built by the Romans for a Celtic king 2000 years ago. The educational link is a strong one, as the Form 2 Latin course is set in Fishbourne and the stories are all linked to its inhabitants. As the photos we tweeted from the palace showed, the students were able to interact with the Roman history using their detailed workbook – they were encouraged to sketch mosaics, find artefacts, and ponder questions about Roman culture and architecture. In one area, a secret code had to be cracked in order to reveal a familiar name – Grumio the slave cook from the textbook the boys are currently studying! It was also a beautifully sunny day, so we were able to walk through the gardens of the palace and have a picnic lunch outside on the grass. The boys all showed a very Columban attitude to learning, and their excellent and considerate behaviour made the day a genuine pleasure for the staff team who led the activities on the day.

Mr. S. Graves
Classics Subject Leader

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