Lower Sixth Prepare for University

Senior School After School/EECA

A Lower Sixth students tells us about the day:

During our Trinity Term EECA day, we were lucky enough to learn some cooking skills to prepare us for university life. The day started with a brief introduction and explanation of how we should be balancing our diet. Then the competition started! Will, Aaron and I were tasked with cooking a Thai chicken curry whilst the other team had to cook burritos with a salsa dip. This was made slightly more difficult because we only had 15 minutes to prepare everything, but we managed to pull through in the end. Unfortunately, my team didn’t get enough votes to win but we didn’t give anyone salmonella so I’d still consider our final product a success!

After a quick break the cooking continued, with Stuart (and Samad, his knife) preparing a vegetarian bolognese with lentils and beans. This was probably my favourite part of the day because the dish not only tasted delicious, but my eyes were opened to more plant-based meal options. After lunch, we explored how the choices we make with regards to nutrition can affect our mental health. This session was incredibly insightful because I’d never realised how the chemicals in different food items could so greatly affect our mood.

Overall, I think that it was an exceptionally fun EECA day and I’m sure I will be putting the skills I learned to good use at university. On behalf of the Lower Sixth, I’d like to thank Chartwells for putting on the day and Mr McCann for organising it.

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