SCC Lenten Appeal Success!

Whole College Charity

During the Lent term, St Columba’s College held a Food Bank Appeal and hosted a Homeless Sleepout as part of our College Lenten Appeal. Two Sixth Form students explain our two campaigns.

Food Bank Appeal
Our annual Food Bank Appeal was organised by 12 Lower Sixth Form students, and the collection was a College wide effort. From Sixth Form students collecting and counting the food each morning, to the Senior School students labelling items and the Prep School students helping to stack the food on the display. This year, we are delighted to annouced that a total of 1.4 tonnes of food was collected. Our many thanks to the SCC community for your donations. 

The donations have been split between three charities; the Borehamwood Food Bank, the St Albans Food Bank and the Open Door homeless shelter in St Albans. According to Fr Dominic, Parish Priest of St Teresa’s and  St John Fisher & Thomas More churches in Borehamwood,  “The Borehamwood Foodbank relies on the generosity of many donors to give us food for the people who come for help to feed their families. Over the past few years, St. Columba’s College has taken up the challenge to collect food for us. Their collections have made a great impact on our stock of food”.

Homeless Sleepout
Our annual Homeless Sleepout has run for the past 7 years, each year raising money for the local Open Door homeless shelter in St Albans. This year was by far the most successful, raising £3000 and involving 200 people including boys, staff and parents all contributing to our efforts. The Brothers of the Scared Heart and the RE department at St Columba’s lead the boys in reflecting upon our fortunate positions, being housed, always fed, and never without help should we need it.

This year’s £3000 is enough to run the washing facilities of Open Door for 6 months for every homeless person in St Albans. We are delighted with this achievement, and it serves to show the impact that just a school community can have within the local community. 

In the morning everyone felt an achievement, and of course most importantly a now sympathetic understanding of what it can be to be homeless for a night.


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