Economics Students visit the Bank of England

Senior School After School/EECA

On the Economics EECA trip, 18 students and 2 teachers went to the Bank of England. We were given a presentation “Keeping on an Even Keel (GCSE)” about the role of the Bank of England with an animated film about the Bank’s roles and responsibilities. This included why low inflation and a safe and stable financial system matter to the UK economy, and how the Bank contributes to this.

Before the presentation we were able to visit the Bank of England Museum which has a unique selection of displays and exhibits, covering the Bank’s role in maintaining monetary and financial stability through to the banknote gallery and gold vaults. We were able to discover the history of the Bank, its buildings, and the people who have shaped it over more than 300 years.

After lunch in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral, we headed to the Museum of London to look at the story of the capital from its first settlers to modern times. The students enjoyed wandering around the galleries which vividly tell the story of the city and its people, before heading back to SCC.

Mrs D'Arcy
Head of Economics

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