Form 4 Students Compete in Maths Feast

Senior School After School/EECA

Form 4 student, Thomas, explains the competition:

On Monday 11th March, four boys from Form 4 embarked on a journey to Roundwood Park School in Harpenden for the annual Maths Feast Competition. 

The first round was merry-go-round themed, with each of us given a paper with 15 questions and 5 minutes to answer as many questions as we could. We then passed the papers to the person on our left and we had 4 minutes, then 3, and followed by 2. For the final minute, we could talk to each other and resolve any other questions.

The second round was a comprehension, and we were given some information about a network and we had to answer questions on it. We completed this round in pairs.

The final round was a time-based round, and we again worked in pairs and needed an answer from the other pair to determine our answer. We had four lots of four questions in each part of the round. We had 5 minutes to complete the four questions and if we got all of the four answers correct, we would receive a bonus mark.

Overall, we came 6th out of 16 teams so it was a great effort by the four of us. We really enjoyed the afternoon, and I would highly recommend this competition to any boys that are interested. 

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