Form 2 Explore Royal Museums

Senior School After School/EECA

For the EECA Day, Form 2 were given the opportunity to explore the Royal Museums at Greenwich. The boys visited the Cutty Sark, National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Observatory.

Form 2 have been studying Slavery and the British Empire, and visited The Traders and Atlantic Galleries in the Royal Maritime Museum, which focusses on these topics. It was a beautiful and windy day, so the walk between the different sites and being on deck on the Cutty Sark was very bracing! In its heyday, the Cutty Sark was the most famous of the great clipper ships (the name clipper referring to the fast sailing ships of the nineteenth century) and braved the major world trading routes, which were busy and expanding alongside the British Empire. The Cutty Sark was mainly transporting the new and fashionable drink of the day from China to Britain – tea! Below decks you could still smell the tea! Many of the boys commented that life on a ship would not be too bad after trying out the bunks . . . but after questions and prompting from staff and information on board, I think they changed their minds! This visit really gave boys the opportunity to see the many social, political and economical threads which defined this period in British and Global History.

The day ended with an incredible planetarium show at the Royal Observatory, and in the darkness, you could hear the odd gasp from boys as the show explored and explained the night sky above us. It was a lovely opportunity to move from the expansion of the known world in the nineteenth century, to the cutting edge discussion of the expansion of our current understanding of our world and it’s place in the universe.

Miss Finn
History Teacher



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