Geographers Research Sustainability

Senior School After School/EECA

Form 5 student, George, tells us about the Geography EECA trip to the Crystal:

The Crystal is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world. It houses an exhibition that explores sustainability within today’s major cities, and what can be done to improve sustainability on our planet. 

On arrival at the Crystal, we were handed our first task, a set of questions and we had to locate the answers in the exhibit. On our quest to find these answers, we explored the many interactive exhibits of the Crystal such as the BMW i8 and the immersive video pod. Overall this task proved to be tough but enjoyable, as some of the answers where very difficult to find, including one located on the roof of an exhibit!

With our next task, we were handed a piece of A3 paper that asked us to consider the most effective methods to run cities. To help us, there was an interactive city simulation exhibit, which allowed us to take control of a city, and spend money on areas such as safety and transport links. This exhibit helped with our tasks, as it allowed us to work out effective methods to run a city.

After our enjoyable time at the Crystal we had lunch in the O2, where restaurants such as Nandos and Wagamamas could be located. We happily filled ourselves up with food and energised ourselves for the journey back home.

On the train everyone was chatting away about their enjoyable experiences of the day, and the things that we had learned about at the Crystal. Overall, the day was really fun and I would highly recommend it.

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