L6th attend debate at Thornton College

Sixth Form Outings/Workshops

A number of our Lower Sixth Scholars attended a debate at Thornton College. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their debating skills they had been working on in Critical Thinking. They discussed questions such as “Should prisoners be allowed to vote?” and “Should voting be compulsory?”. Many students utilised a vast array of knowledge from their A Level subjects, especially Ethics and Philosophy, Politics and Latin.  As a result, they drew upon a wide range of reasoned arguments and definitions including the etymology of the verb “to vote”. All students spoke with passion and conviction, making it very difficult to ascertain who had the most convincing case!

Our thanks to the staff and students at Thornton College for their amazing hospitality (and lovely cakes). We are already looking forward to another debate with the Sixth Formers from Thornton.

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