SCC Win Regional Heat

Senior School Outings/Workshops

A team of four students: Devayan Patel 3J, Henry Mauldridge 3J, Angus Chisholm 4Mc and William Toland 5G, submitted a poster How Chemistry can help solve our Plastic Problem for Regional Heat 1 of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Top of the Bench Competition 2019. Their poster made it through to Regional Heat 2 and our team of four headed off to Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire to take part.

Aaron Patel 5J stepped in on the day as William was taken ill, but was able to provide some guidance by phone. The team thoroughly enjoyed their day, with Devayan delivering an impressive presentation of the poster to the judges and other participating schools. All teams were then quizzed by the judges on their knowledge of their posters, and finally the teams were put to the test by carrying out a rather advanced titration practical task. 

We are delighted to have received the news that the team won the regional heat, and are now through to the final which will take place in March. Many congratulations to the boys on this achievement, and we wish them the very best of luck in the final!


Student comments of the day:

The day was spectacular! We started by presenting our posters to the other schools; following this we went to the lab and did a titration - in my opinion the best part of the day. The experiment was interesting, but quite difficult. However, I feel as a team we rose to the challenge, and by the end of the day we had done incredibly well. I would say that the event was brilliant, and our teamwork was outstanding! - Devayan Patel 3J

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially the experiment. Firstly we presented our posters to the groups and then we were questioned about our poster by the judges. We then had to complete a titration experiment with copper sulfate. The day was really enjoyable and I cannot wait for the results. I hope we get through to Birmingham! - Henry Mauldridge 3J

At the beginning, each school presented its poster to each other, and Devayan delivered a powerful and coherent summary of ours. We were then asked a series of challenging questions, which we managed to answer relatively well. The practical, a titration, went well but the time and the experiment challenged us to think carefully. - Angus Chisholm 4Mc

When I first saw what was required of us in the practical, I felt unsure of what we had to do. However, we managed to muddle our way through and find a solution, even if we were unsure of its validity. - Aaron Patel 5J

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