Sixth Form students become St Alban’s Abbey tour guides

After School/EECA Senior School


For the last couple of months, Dashiell, Dylan and I have been training to become tour guides at St Albans Cathedral for the first annual ‘students take-over day’, alongside two other pupils from St Albans School. The initiative is part of a new programme of activities taking place at the cathedral, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We were randomly allocated a section of the cathedral to focus on; I was allocated to the Nave, Dashiell to the High Altar Screen and Dylan to the medieval wall paintings, while the two pupils from St Albans were assigned to the Lady Chapel and the Rose Window. We then began our own independent research, being allowed access to a variety of useful documents in the Abbey Library which assisted us in writing our five-minute presentations
                              The ‘students take-over day’ took place on Saturday 24th November (coinciding with the Columban Fayre) at 11:30am. No one was quite sure how many members of the public would be attending. It was quite a shock to us all when we had a crowd of nearly 30 people waiting to be taken around the cathedral!  Although a little nervous initially, the tour went extremely smoothly, with myself, Dylan and Dashiell delivering our presentations first, followed by our counterparts from St Albans School, and applause from those present to conclude.
               What a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience it has been for us all, greatly improving our confidence in public speaking.  We would like to thank all the cathedral staff for their continued assistance, (especially Neville for his expertise and encouragement), as well as Mr Tatham for all his support.  

Davide Moruzzi (L6Mc)






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