Geography students visit the Lake District

Senior Academic


After everyone's earliest start for seven weeks, a several hour drive , including a couple of  service stations stops, we arrived at Blencathra field study centre in the Lake District.,where we would be staying for the next two nights. The site had facilities such as a communal social area and a basketball court. We arrived late evening and so had dinner followed by a lesson before returning to our rooms. The next day we set off in good time for our investigation. After a 30 minute walk, with Scaffel Pike in the distance, we reached the first site for us to monitor. We tested for such things as velocity, depth, wetted perimeter and more. After recording our results we moved downstream for lunch and to the next two sites where we repeated our techniques so we could form a comparison. After we got back to the centre, we had  lessons where we discussed our findings. On our last day, we travelled to the closest town of Keswick, which was heavily flooded by storm Desmond in 2015. We visited six different sites where we learned about the the flood defence systems and the impacts that the flood had on the town. You could still see the damage caused, it was everywhere, from crooked railings to bridges split in half. It was then time for service stations, traffic and KFC before returning to st Columbus College. We are now in the process of writing up our coursework.


Patrick Cooper 5M

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