Form 4 EECA Day in Art

Afterschool/EECA Senior School

The Art EECA day for Form 4 was an opportunity to extend learning and provide students with the opportunity to learn a new skill and process, which would  enable them to respond to their current project in a personal and creative way, in the form of sculpture.   Students are currently  investigating the ‘Weird and Wonderful’ and researching Surrealism. They are mid- way through the project and have analysed various artists such as Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali.  Students have already, visually and creatively, responded with drawings and paintings as well as contextual research and analysis. The Sculpture EECA day is a spring board enabling students to gain skills, broaden their horizons, as well as an opportunity to extend their teamwork skills and personal identity.  They are now in an excellent position to make a personal sculptural response to the ‘Weird and Wonderful’.

Mrs K. Seagrave

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