Form 1 learn about Roman life at Fishbourne Palace

Afterschool/EECA Senior School

We came, we saw, we conquered! Well we came and we saw anyway - there wasn't much actual conquering but there was a lot of sunshine and a lot of learning. This year, the Form 1 students have been studying Roman life as it applied to the inhabitants of Pompeii, and this EECA Day trip provided them with a chance to see the archaeological evidence of Roman life in Britain. Fishbourne Palace is a glorious site packed with priceless treasures and the students were given an introduction to the artefacts via an on-site film and a workbook provided by the Latin Department. One section took them through stunning mosaic-covered dining rooms complete with exposed hypocaust heating system. Another section had them relaxing in the artfully planted gardens. We had lunch outside because it was such a beautiful day, and I saw one student attempting to roll down a grass bank. Although we did not encourage this en masse, for obvious reasons, it was so nice to see a simple pleasure being recalled in these days of tablets and YouTube. Overall, the students engaged with the material in a very positive way and their behaviour was excellent. 

Mr. S Graves


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