Form 3 RE Retreat

Afterschool/EECA Senior School

On the 16th and 17th of May,  Form 3 visited Forest Town Church in St Albans for a retreat, run by 'STEP'( St Alban’s Educational Project). The focus of the day was 'Relationships', with ourselves, others, stuff and God. There were a variety of enjoyable exercises. We started the day with some team building games to get us warmed up. We then split into our four different groups and did different exercises in orotation. Our first exercise in our group was role playing as a refugee. All of us ended on negative points, which showed the difficulties that refugees may face. We then went upstairs and looked at our relationship with God. We were all lent an iPod, which played a play list as we went our way around the eight  different stations. Some of these things were; meditation, bible references, nature details and even Play Doh. It was meant to calm us and help us focus on what's important.We also went on an Emmaus walk which was really a treasure hunt with bible verses as the treasure.

After lunch, we did a fake auction. We were all given a paddle and a fake card with £10,000. We then had to auction all the different things. I bought love and infinite games and consoles. Other things included; a relationship with God, money, house of our dreams and other things, both of a monetary value and of more of a religious/ sentimental value.

We ended the day with a clay/ pottery exercise. Four of us, including me ,were able to use the potter’s wheel. The leader linked this into a bible story about a potter’s house from the book of Jeremiah. This was very enjoyable.

Overall, this retreat was very enjoyable and important, and focused on relationships, with a good message. I really enjoyed it and am thankful for the teachers and STEP for delivering such a lovely day.

Harry Preston-Jones 3 Mc

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