Mock General Election at SCC

Senior School Academic

The Senior School participated in a mock general election on Friday 5th May, to teach students about democracy, politics and British values. Politics students and members of the debating club from the Lower 6th Form participated in a debate, and produced posters and flyers about their parties leading up to polling day.

The students organized the event themselves, and decided to divide the school into “constituencies” based off of Tutor Groups, to demonstrate the first-past-the-post voting system. The Conservative party candidate, Fergus Harris, came first with 15 seats and 173 votes. However, he was forced to form a coalition with Thomas McHattie, the UKIP candidate, who won seven seats and 98 votes. The Green Party candidate, Tadg Enright, came in second with 14 seats and 143 votes. The Labour party candidate, Matthew Ronchetti, came fourth with four seats and 51 votes, winning the staff vote. Barnabas Elbourn, The Liberal Democrats candidate, won  three seats and 78 votes.


Barnabas Elbourn, L6


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