Stations of the Cross

Senior School

For Christians, Lent is a season when we focus on almsgiving, prayer and fasting. During this time, the church calls upon us all to spend extra time with God and to pray to Him on a daily basis.

On Friday 24th March, students and staff participated in a school procession which saw us start on the playground with our first biblical reading, ‘Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane’. Taking place during tutor time, we processed through the grounds of the college, stopping at various points to reflect on the individual Stations of the Cross. At each point, we listened to a reading which highlighted a specific event of the Passion of Christ. The procession allowed both students and staff to understand the Passion of Christ better, and to appreciate the sacrifice He made for us, which is important given that Easter is almost upon us. The Biblical readings were read chronologically, focussing on the events leading up to and including the death of Jesus.

Davide Moruzzi 4Mc


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