Form 5 Sociology trip to The Clink and London Museum

Senior School

Read this article by George Throup, Form 5 on their recent EECA trip:

On 7th March, a number of Year 5 students including myself attended the EECA day for an experience of A-Level sociology.  To me, and the other students, the concept of sociology was rather unclear -  it was a subject we had never come across before, however it was to be extremely interesting and a day of enjoyment lay ahead of us.

Our first stop was the 'Clink Prison Museum', located in Southwark.  The Clink is built upon the original site of the 'Clink Prison' which dates back to 1144.  It was once one of Britain’s most feared prisons, as we were to later find out.  We were given a tour of the underground museum which gave us all the information we needed to be able to study the sociological side of things.  We were introduced to the torture instruments which were used, such as the rack.  Prisoners could have been sent to the Clink for any number of reasons, the most common, back when the Clink was in use was pick pocketing.  Interestingly, prisoners had to pay to be in the Clink, if they couldn’t afford the costs they would have been left to die – all dead bodies were thrown into the Thames where they would float out into the ocean!  The Clink was an extremely interesting experience and even included a free photo opportunity at the end which many of the students took advantage of!

After a drink and something to eat, we made the short walk to the London Museum (Credit must go to Jordan Momani of 5J for his impeccable navigation!)   At the London Museum we were to learn more about the infamous “Jack the Ripper” and the social conditions of 19th century London. We focused on Charles Booth’s social classification map, which pictorially outlined the desirable and less desirable areas within London.  It was interesting to see the wealthy and those in real poverty living so close to each other.

The London Museum also had a ‘Victorian experience’ which replicated streets and shops of the time, giving us a taste of life from this period.

A huge thank you to Mr Hogan for organizing the day and Mr Leadbetter for accompanying us on the trip.  It was great to have an insight into A-Level sociology and be able to visit such wonderful places!


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