CCF Combat Cadet Competition

Senior School

This weekend the College Combined Cadet Force attended the Combat Cadet Competition which is a military skills competition, this is run by the Army Cadet Training Team in 7 Brigade of which we are a part.

Seven Brigade stretches from Essex up to Norfolk and across to Cambridge.  There were 30 teams competing who were either School CCF Contingents or Army Cadet Force Counties.

The Competition was held in the Estmere FIBUA (Fighting in Built Up Areas) Village which was a new format for the competition.  Each team was given training in urban tactics and house clearing as well as having to demonstrate the skills taught in the normal Cadet Syllabus.

The Competition stands were:

Section Attack
Casualty Evacuation
Kit check

They were also judged on their organisation and mental state.

The thrust of the competition, whilst requiring bags of energy and enthusiasm, the real core is how Cadets thrive under pressure and their ability to reflect the standards and values of the army - selfless commitment, respect, loyalty, legality, integrity, discipline and courage.  Without these skills there is no team.

The party was organised by myself and Commanded by Under Officer Woodthorpe an Old Columban who has returned to assist in the running of the Army Section as the acting Officer Commanding.   We received a Bronze Medal for our efforts. This event is an annual affair so next year we will take the experiences of this year on board to continue to improve.

Patrick Burns
School Staff Instructor



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