Trip to the Crystal

Senior School

Read this interesting article about the Form 5 EECA trip to The Crystal - Joshua Edwards, Form 5

Being a Form 5 student, the rare chance for an EECA activity is often greatly looked forward to, and it was a highly anticipated event for the whole year group. At its' base, the trip provided a rare opportunity for those of us studying geography, to have a break from our GCSE studies, and enjoy a day furthering our education on sustainable living and getting involved in various different activities that were on offer at The Crystal.

There were 19 of us in total on the trip, and the day started with a tour of The Crystal, and an insight into the world’s future. One particular video that we had a chance to watch, really hit home to many of us about the future of our planet, and what it may hold for us, as a result of overpopulation, and the increased carbon dioxide emissions. However, it wasn't all doom and gloom, as later on in our tour of The Crystal, we were given the chance to watch another short video on what the planet may look like in 2050, if many of the actions that have already been put into place at The Crystal, were to be applied globally. Private wind turbines, cleaner air, and swimming in rivers through cities are just a few of the many things that we can look forward to.

Aside from the tour we had at the start of our visit there were various different activities that we took part in related to sustainable living that many of us enjoyed participating in. One in particular was the city simulator in which there were 5 different sectors such as power, taxes, and water supply that needed to be carefully balanced in order for the city to survive. It was a challenge to see how long the city could survive and unfortunately none our teams made it to 2050.

Although we had a lot of fun with the various different activities on offer at the Crystal, the main aim of the trip was to enhance our knowledge of sustainable living and what the future will hold for us. A lot of the information we received during the trip brought things into perspective. The message of renewable energy being the future was re-iterated to us and statistics such as only 2% of waste water actually being waste.

This rare chance for an enjoyable yet insightful EECA trip was greatly relished by all of us and I hope that next year's Form 5 students enjoy a similar if not the same experience.         


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