Prep 6 Science Fair

Prep School

To launch Science week in the Prep School, the Prep 6 pupils were given the task of researching and practicing an experiment at home to demonstrate at our annual Science Fair. The pupils were asked to keep a log book in which to list the websites, books and sources they gained information from.  The experiment had to be approved by the Science Teacher and they had to be able to explain the science behind the experiment to the Judge at the Science Fair. On Monday afternoon, all the Prep 6 pupils laid out their experiments on tables in the Prep Hall for  the Judges to see.  We were delighted to welcome Dr Paul Harrison, an Old Columban (C91) to be our guest Judge for the day.

The winner was Findlay, for his hover craft. Findlay researched and made several hover crafts before he discovered one that worked well. He had carried out a great deal of work and research into how hover crafts work, who invented them and the science behind them. He had photographic evidence of all the hover craft he had made but had failed which was great to see.

Congratulations to all the boys and the fantastic effort they put into their experiments. It was a great afternoon, and wonderful to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment they all got from carrying out this task. We look forward to our scientists of the future!

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