Bi Annual General Inspection

Senior School

Please read this report by SSI Burns:

The Bi Annual General Inspection is carried out by the MOD every 2 years to ensure that a Combined Cadet Force Contingent is meeting the standards required to deliver good training and the cadet experience.

They involve a high ranking officer visiting the Contingent to meet the Cadets and Staff and make that judgement.  They can take many forms, such as a parade, simple visit to the school or as St Columba's College choose to do, a Field Craft Exercise.   Our inspecting officer was Colonel Sharwood-Smith, a 'Colonel of Cadets' with the Army Cadet Force.

The army section deployed to Bramley Training Area, Hampshire which was the site of a massive world war one ammunition depot.  It is ann enclosed training area covered by old disused railways, roads, derelict buildings and woodland.

All levels of the Army Sections went on the Exercise with 9 of the boys who had only joined in September.  On the first night we stayed in a location called the Maintenance Building where we revised and trained before going out onto the area to experience field craft and battle drills. The Cadets got to use blank ammunition and fire the Cadet Rifle which is the same weapon system used by the British Army. 

On the second night the army section created a Harbour area (military term for a defended camp site) and stayed out sleeping under 'Bashas'.

The RAF section came down for the day on the Friday and gave a display of drill,  first aid and presentations on air craft recognition.  The Headmaster visited the Exercise area in full uniform and met with Colonel Sharwood-Smith and members of the 7 Brigade Cadet Training Team.

The Exercise was planned by SSI Burns who was the Exercise Conducting Officer and staffed by Mr Steve Leadbetter the Contingent Commander, Ms A Ellis-Jones and 3 returning old boys, Henry Woodthorpe who is commissioning as a CCF Officer, James Stewart and Henry Symmons.

We believe it to have been a successful inspection and at the time of writing, two Form 3 boys have asked to join the CCF.  Cadet Corporal Moody (Form 5) took all the photos and made the video which you can watch here.

The Combined Cadet Force is a fantastic way for boys to get outside and experience different challenges.  The focus is to teach leadership, self reliance, team work, integrity and loyalty.  I close this report with the mutual standards and values of the College and the CCF.

Cor ad Cor Loquitur

Standards and Values.  Our Common Purpose:

Courage, Courtesy and Compassion.

Selfless Commitment, Respect for others, Loyalty, Legality, Integrity, Discipline & Courage (SOLLID-C)


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