Form 2 teach in the Prep School!

Senior School

Form 2 boys were given the opportunity to be teachers in the Prep school recently.

Groups of boys (studying Napoleon for History) were given a specific lesson question and had to plan, prepare and give a 15 minute lesson to their peers.  Form 2 boys always enjoy this activity and take it very seriously!  The best were selected by the History staff and were then allowed to teach their lessons to Prep 6.  The pupils from Prep 6 loved having boys from the Senior school teaching them!

Here are some of the comments from Form 2:

Peter Lenahan: On 8th March Joe, Chris, Harry and I went to the Prep School to teach a class in Prep 6 about Napoleon. I found it quite scary to begin with because I didn't know how to get their attention. Later on I realised they were a pleasure to teach and I had a great lesson.

Harry Clifton: My group amongst others went over to the Prep so they could learn about Napoleon. It was a fun and interesting experience. The class we taught listened and responded well to the questions. I really enjoyed the experience, and I hope my group did too.

Harry Walker: On 8th March me, Peter, Joe, and Chris went to the Prep school to give a talk about Napoleon. I found it fascinating to teach a class and nostalgic to be back!



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