Locker Homeless

Senior School

Two dozen students from Form 1 and Form 2 were locker homeless this week. This involved them carrying all of their belongings with them throughout their school day in order to understand and empathise with issues faced by people who are homeless, specifically the challenge of having nowhere to leave their belongings. It also highlighted the lack of material belongings that many people in the UK have, many students reflecting on how fortunate they are.

Mr N O'Brien


Below are two accounts written by Form 1 students:

As I came to school, I knew I had volunteered to do the locker homeless initiative and a small part of me was nervous about how it would go. I wondered what it would be like to carry all of my bags around with me to all my lessons. I wasn’t allowed to use my locker until the end of the day, as well as having to keep hold of my large, slightly irritating DT folder and not being allowed to leave my bags somewhere during break and lunch was quite annoying but then again, it’s what I signed up for and a homeless person couldn’t just dump their things anywhere could they?

I went to my locker, emptied all the contents of it out into my rucksack, I also saw Tom Hooper and George Ivory doing exactly the same thing as me. All three of us had to put all our subject bags into our rucksacks and make sure our lockers were spotless. After we had done this, we waited outside the staffroom for Mr O’Brien, who then proceeded to check our lockers to make sure they had nothing in them and for him to check that our bags were of sufficient weight to be deemed “homeless”!

Lugging my bag around with me for the whole day was a very thought-provoking experience for me as I realised, if I don’t like looking after just my school things for a couple of hours, how would I like looking after and making sure everything I owned was near me all the time?

Cameron Sharkey 1M.



I did this because I felt sorry for all of the people that have to carry round all of their belongings, all of the time. Another reason why I did it was because then I would have the opportunity of doing something that I haven’t done before


From 8:30 until 3:45 on Thursday I carried round the contents of my locker in a backpack, only taking it off in lessons and for lunch. I had every bookbag that was in my locker and a water bottle, in case I got tired of carrying the bag, and it weighed a ton! 

How I felt at the end.

At the end of today I felt tired and that I hadn’t felt the proper pain of living on the streets because the people on the streets must do this all day every day for their whole life. Overall, I feel that the experience was really fun and I would definitely do it again as it was great to learn what other people have to do on a daily basis.

Thomas Hooper 1J


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