Lenten Appeal

Senior School

Read this article from James Bromfield, Lower Sixth regarding the Lenten Appeal:

Over Lent this year the Sixth Form will be leading a ‘Lenten Appeal’ in order to collect as many donations for Borehamwood Foodbank as possible. Each year group has been assigned a specific set of items we would like them to focus on, which can be found on the ‘Lent Appeal’ Frog page or on the letter sent to parents. All donations must be brought in to Tutor bases and be in before the final day of this term. Hopefully these donations will be able to amass a large display in reception before Easter.

Before half term, a group of Lower Sixth visited the Trussell Trust Foodbank in Borehamwood. This was to understand the workings and needs of a Foodbank and related to the Foodbank appeal. We found this an incredibly eye-opening experience and one that really inspired us to make the ‘Lenten Appeal’ as successful as possible. One of the key messages of this appeal is to incite a sense of ‘giving’ throughout the school this Lenten period. Students can use this initiative as a way to make an improvement in the world around them and therefore gaining a sense of achievement this Lent.

While we were at the Foodbank we met volunteers and helped to label and sort food, giving us a unique insight in to the workings of a Foodbank. We also spent time reading written comments made by previous users of the Foodbank. Comments stating how much the Foodbank had helped them and how they do not know where they would be without it, really allowed us to understand how important this service is to people in our community.

Borehamwood Foodbank alone handed out 2,336 three-day food supplies in 2016, with one in three people supported being children. These food supplies are given out to those who are in crisis, they must have been referred by GP’s, Citizens Advice Bureaus and similar such organisation. The reasons for this crisis point vary widely from redundancy or illness to domestic violence and delay of benefit payment release. It is also important to note that some users are in employment  - however their salary does not cover their living expenses.

A video, made by the Sixth Form, giving more detail about our visit, along with further information, can be found on the ‘Lent Appeal’ Frog page.

With your support we hope to make this a successful and worthwhile initiative that will truly help those in need this Easter. Thank you in advance for your support.

James Bromfield


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