OC Robbie Mann C10 gives presentation on Wildlife Conservation in Africa

Senior School Old Columbans

On Friday 27th January, OC Robbie Mann C10 gave a presentation to a number of Form 5 and Sixth Form students at SCC, about his career in Wildlife Conservation in South Africa. Currently, Robbie coordinates the ‘GVI Wildlife Conservation Internship Programme’ on a reserve situated just outside the Kruger National Park, brimming with all the iconic African animals . He has designed the course to provide valuable work experience and life skills to those interested in working in the bush or other wildlife related careers.

Robbie spoke about the path he took to his current career, including taking a Gap Year after leaving SCC, to figure out what exactly he wanted to study at university and where, as well as volunteering to get some work experience in Wildlife. While Robbie didn’t advocate that students embark on a Gap Year before university or starting a job, he said that it was very helpful if you were unsure as to what university course you wanted to do or a career path to follow. Robbie also gave very valuable advice about the importance of networking, in terms of getting university and career advice, and seeking volunteering and internships opportunities. He said that the students should make themselves as ‘sellable’ as possible, by volunteering or getting work experience in their area of interest.


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