Alexis Kings return to SCC

Columban Community Events

On Friday 9th December, three Old Columbans returned to SCC to perform a concert with their band, Alexis Kings, for Sixth Form student and their guests. The band was established at SCC by Sam Privett C11, Brendan Aherne C11 and Luke Carolan C09. The first time that the band played in front of an audience was at the school's Eisteddfod competition so they were delighted to be back in front of an SCC audience on Friday evening.

Since releasing their four-song EP  'Squire' in June of this year, their debut single 'Squire' has gone on to receive critical acclaim and national attention. It was initially aired by Huw Stephens on Radio 1, who referred to the band as 'that band we are all really excited about'. More notably, Alexis Kings' proudest moment  came when 'Squire' reached #8 in the official Spotify viral chart, only two places behind Justin Bieber (much to their dismay).

The Sixth form students and their guests, as well as members  of staff (some of whom taught Sam, Brendan and Luke), enjoyed a great night listening and dancing to Alexis Kings and there were repeated calls for an encore of their hit single 'Squire'.

Our thanks to Alexis Kings for a great night and for donating the proceeds of the concert tickets to charity. Also, our thanks to the Sixth Form band who played for the crowd before Alexis Kings. 



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