Key Policies

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Policies are applicable for both the Prep and Senior Schools, except where specified in brackets. Unless stated otherwise, 'Prep' refers to both the Upper and Lower Prep, and includes the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Those policies numbered are required for purposes of inspection and the numbers attached to them are the relevant areas to which the policies refer when inspection occurs.

Mission Statement

Aims of the College

Safeguarding (A6)

Safeguarding: Child Missing and Non-Collection

Safeguarding: Counter-Bullying 

Safeguarding: Counter Cyber-Bullying

Safeguarding: Safer Recruitment

Safeguarding: Staff Referral

Admissions (A1)

Biometric System Use

Code of Conduct (Prep) (A1&A4)

Code of Conduct (Senior) (A1&A4)

Code of Conduct: Parents and Visitors

Code of Conduct: Players

Code of Conduct: Spectators

Complaints (A14)

Curriculum (Prep and Senior) (A3)

Discipline (A1)

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (Prep)

Early Years On-Site Risk Assessment Sample (Prep) (E2)

English as an Additional Language (EAL) (A2)

Equal Opportunities (Additional Guidance for Early Years Pupils) (Prep) (A15)

Equal Opportunities for Students (A15)


Fire and Safe Evacuation (A11)

GCE and GCSE Internal Assessment Decisions Appeals (Senior)

Health and Safety

Image Use

Medical and First Aid (A7)

Parents A to Z (Senior)

Pastoral and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) (A5)

Pastoral Programme (Prep) (A5)

Pastoral System (A5)

Risk Assessment for Trips or Activities Outside School (Prep)

Scholarship, Bursaries and Financial Aid Policy

Send Policy and SEN Information report (A2)

SENDA Accessibility Plan

Supervision (Prep) (A12)

Supervision (Senior) (A12)

Trips and Visits (A10)

Website Technologies Use for Parents and Students