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Prep School Entrance Assessments  ( 4+, 7+)

Candidates for admission into Reception  (4 +) are invited to attend on a Friday in October or a Saturday in January, when they and their parents are welcomed to the College. Applicants are then supervised and supported by staff and spend one hour being assessed in a friendly and informal manner. 

September 2019 Assessment dates, 4+ :  Friday 19 October 2018 and 12th January 2019

Candidates for admission into Prep 3 (7+) are invited to attend on a Saturday in January when they and their parents are welcomed to the College. Applicants are similarly supervised and supported by staff, and take the following assessment tests:

A mathematics and mental arithmetic test.
A perceptual reasoning test.
A standardised reading accuracy and comprehension assessment.
A creative story writing exercise.

September 2019 Assessment dates, 7+: Saturday  12th January 2019

Candidates may also be assessed for entry to the Prep School during the course of the academic year, subject to places being available in particular year groups.


Senior School Entrance Assessments (11+, 13+)


11 + Candidates:

September 2019 Assessment dates: Saturday 12th January  and Saturday 19th January 2019

Candidates for the 11+ assessments are invited to attend on one of two Saturday in January where they are welcomed, together with their parents, by the Headmaster. Refreshments are provided and every attempt is made to create a relaxed atmosphere. Candidates then make their way, under the supervision of invigilating staff, to a number of classrooms (maximum of twenty boys per room) to sit their tests.

Firstly, there is an English paper of 60 minutes, consisting of a comprehension, followed by a linked and structured exercise in imaginative composition. Those marking the test will be looking for a number of qualities, in addition to creative ability and imagination, including fluency and range of language, as well as basic linguistic and presentation skills (punctuation, sentence structure, etc.).

After a short break, there is a 30 minute test in verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

After a further break, during which time refreshments will be served to the boys, there is a Mathematics paper, which lasts for 45  minutes. This requires calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (including decimals and fractions), as well as problems, which require such calculations, including elementary graphs, tables and geometry. We are fully aware that applicants will have covered different skills in Mathematics, from one school to another,thus we concentrate on looking for potential, rather than simply for the highest overall score. 

*Interview date : Tuesday 22 January 2019, 6pm -8.30pm

13+ Candidates: 

September 2019 Assessment date: Friday 1st February  2019

Candidates for the 13+ assessments are invited to attend on the first Friday in February and will take exams in English (one hour and 30 minutes), Maths (one hour and 30 minutes) and Reasoning (45 minutes). Interviews will also take place during the course of the day.  Lunch and snacks will be provided.


As part of both the 11+ and 13+ entrance assessment procedures, all boys will attend an interview. For boys sitting the 13+ assessment, interviews will take place during the course of the exam day. These will be conducted by experienced members of our teaching staff in an informal setting and every attempt will be made to put the boys at ease.

For external candidates sitting the 11+ assessment, interviews will take place on a weekday evening, following the Saturday entrance tests. Parents will also be invited to attend. At this stage, the test results will not be known to the members of staff who are conducting the interviews. Boys (and their parents) will be put at ease by the interviewing member of staff.

For both 11+ and 13+ candidates, the interview will focus on the interests of the boys and what they feel they can both gain from and offer to St Columba’s College.


Assessment Registration 

When applying for an Entrance Test, two forms need to be completed: the Registration Form and the Entrance Test Application Form.

Please download and fill in the Registration Form and the Entrance Test Application Form below and return them to the Admissions Department, at

Registration Form

Entrance Test Application Form for entry in September 2019

Music Scholarship Application Form for entry in September 2019