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The Columban Network exists to build and maintain relationships throughout the Columban Community, to embrace friendship and cultivate a culture of philanthropic support. Our role is to support the School in its aim of providing pupils with an outstanding educational experience.

Fundamentally, we grow and maintain links with the wider Columban Community whose friendship and support we so greatly value and appreciate. Whether you are a former pupil, current or former parent, staff, or friend of the school we welcome your connectivity and involvement, especially through our e-comms, events, reunions, publications and professional network.

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We have a philanthropic purpose of building bursarial support for bright and gifted children from the local community and from time to time will ask for help to support school development projects to enhance the fabric of the school and the learning environment.


Who are the Columban Community?

The Columban Community includes current and former pupils, parents, staff, governors and friends of the school – all in fact, for whom the school is, or has been, an important part of their lives.

Meet the Team


Jim Lewis, Alumni and Development Manager

Born in London and raised in Hertfordshire, Jim has spent almost his entire life at St Columba’s College, firstly as a student between 1976 and 1987, as a teacher and Deputy Head in the Prep School between 1994 and 2008, and in his latest reincarnation as the Manager of the newly-established Development Department. His wife, Gill, teaches in the Prep School and their son, Harry, is a student in the College. They also have a daughter, Sally. Jim loves sport, although he mostly watches from the armchair these days, and takes an active role in the Redbourn village community, where he lives with his family.

Nuala McLeod, Alumni and Development Officer

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Nuala gained her undergraduate degree in Marketing at the College of Marketing and Design and Trinity College in Dublin. Nuala began her career in marketing in Boston, USA and gained her Master’s in Business Administration from Boston College. In 2009, Nuala moved to St Albans with her husband, Bernard, and their twin boys, who are also Columbans. Nuala enjoys Pilates, reading and trying to tame her garden! 

Br. Paul Vaillancourt, Development Office Database Manager

Apart from two breaks to study back in the States, Br. Paul has been at St Columba’s College since 1980. For most of that time, he taught Maths and Information Technology. His greatest passion during this time was Rugby, which he successfully coached to students in Form 1 for twenty-four years. He retired from teaching in July 2011, after forty years in the classroom. His length of service and skill in Information Technology made him the obvious candidate to manage the Old Columbans database. He thoroughly enjoys meeting Old Columbans at various events and discovering how wrong he was in the reports he had written over the years!

Br. Clement Pelletier, St Columba’s College Archivist

Br. Clement first met the Brothers of the Sacred Heart by attending their school, Mount St Charles in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, in 1944. So impressed was he by their style of life and their kindly professional treatment of students, that he joined their training programme of Novitiate, before attaining a BA in English and History at Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama. He later attained an MA in teaching at St Michael's College in Vermont. In 1955, he was one of the four Brothers who travelled from America and re-founded St Columba’s College. It was a sharp learning curve. He founded the French Department, was Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Head and Headmaster. After a short sabbatical in Australia, he returned to lead Careers. In semi-retirement, he now looks after records and archives in the newly-renovated building. He was the first ever Catholic to be appointed an Honorary Canon of the Abbey in 2000, where he had been guide and chaplain in an ecumenical capacity. He quotes, "I have been gratified and blessed by the support and encouragement received over some sixty years in a country that I have adopted and which has possibly adopted me. I would start all over again.”