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Gifts in Will to St Columba’s College and 1939 Legacy Society

St Columba’s is all about creating young men of character through education. Character was originally a Greek word (Χαραχτήρ) meaning a stamping tool. Nowadays, we might use the concept of a hallmark instead.

At St Columba’s, this hallmark, this character goes to the heart, the core. It is not superficial. It can’t be put on and taken off at will. It is about the shared values and identity, the shared emotions and relationships of being part of the St Columba’s family. Educating St Columba’s boys forms them into young men of character, because they take on its values, rooted in Catholic teaching, cor ad cor loquitor – as heart speaks to heart.

A gift in your will, a legacy to St Columba’s College, can help the St Columba’s hallmark live on. Remembering St Columba’s in your will can help ensure that it will still be your school, keeping its core identity for future Columbans, creating young men of character for years to come. Your gift is an opportunity for you to leave your mark. Just as St Columba’s leaves its hallmark, so Columbans grow into men who leave their hallmark on the world.  After considering your family and friends, will you remember St Columba’s with a gift in your Will to help create future young men of character and leave your hallmark on the future of St Columba's College?

Character /ˈkarəktə/ (noun)   1. The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

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The 1939 Legacy Society

St Columba’s College was founded by Mr Philip O’Neill in 1939. Originally from County Cork, he travelled to England to teach at Finchley Grammar School.  He had always wanted to found his own school with his own ideas and values.  With the support of the Parish Priests, Father Rae MSC, and Father Healy MSC, both from the Order of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, St Alban and St Stephen's Parish in Beaconsfield Road, St Albans, a property to rent was found at 30 Beaconsfield Road. The school opened in 1939 with thirteen boys.

In honour of Mr Philip O’Neill we have established the 1939 Legacy Society.  Everyone who pledges a legacy to the school is invited to become a member of the 1939 Legacy Society. The decision to make a bequest is often private and personal, so no member’s name will be published without their permission. The Head will host an annual lunch for members of the society.

Our Promise to You

Taking the decision to remember St Columba’s College in your Will is very personal.  Any information shared with the School will be treated as confidential.  Where anonymity is requested this will, of course, be respected.  If you would like your gift to support anything other than the funds outlined above then we would be happy to discuss your wishes with you.

Legacy Information

Bequests may be made in memory of someone special to you.  Recognition may also, for major benefactors, include the naming of a development or award after you or someone of your choosing.  There are a number of ways you can help St Columba’s College by a gift through your Will.  Your legal adviser will be able to give you more detailed advice.

If you wish to support this fund, please click here to access the 'Make a Donation’ page, or contact Jim Lewis in the Development Office by email at or by telephone on 01727 892070 for further information, in confidence.

For more information about how to leave a legacy to St Columba's College please click here


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